Friday, February 15, 2013

How am I seriously almost 1/2 way?!

OK, I realize this is probably the worst quality, unattractive picture I could ever post of myself...BUT it is the first one that I feel like I have take where I actually (possibly, maybe, please-say-yes) look pregnant! I am officially 17weeks 6 days so pretty much I'm counting it as my 18 weeks picture...

Oh yah, did I mention I had a turban on my head? I seriously just got dressed and was walking by the mirror and stopped...OMG I look preggo! Snap, enjoy...

Mmmhmmm, enjoy that nice glare from the morning sun. Maybe next time I will actually get all did up in my shiny new maternity clothes and really blow you guys away! 

A little less than 3 weeks until our 20 week ultrasound where we find out if our little cub is a he or she! Until then...I'm trying to keep myself occupied. I've already taken about 10 online "Is it a boy or girl?" quizzes...most of them say boy, but I'm still feeling it's a little mini me in there! We will soon find out!


  1. You definitely look pregnant Mrs. Rowdy and glowing (that might be from the glare though)! ;) Kelly just had her 20 week ultrasound last evening. Oh boy was that a surprise. She didn't look anymore pregnant than you do now at the same time (she's due July 4th) and she hadn't gained more than a few pounds.
    So she and Ian were totally blown away when the tech said it's a girl AND a boy.
    Yep, twins! Talk about a surprise! Wow! One is great, two is awesome!
    Good luck to you! Enjoy your pregnancy and get some rest. You're going to need it!
    Really happy for you both and will pray for you and your little one! Kitty :)