Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties, OH MY!

Soooooo, yah. It's been a couple months. My apologies! So much to catch up on, but I will leave you with the fun stuff!

Since my last post I have REALLY started to dive into my new job as an account manager and I have been BEYOND busy. I have been to 9 states in the past 3 months. (Oregon, California, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Florida, South Carolina, Texas (not at home), and Kansas) So this is my #1 excuse for being so behind on my blogging. My #2 excuse is that my amazing sisters, friends, and family have thrown me some awesome bridal showers and one hell of a bachelorette party.

We actually had "Bach Bash 2012" which included a partially combined bachelor and bachelorette party! It was SO. MUCH. FUN!!!! We started the party with a 3 hour party barge (double decker boat) out on Lake Travis with the boys and girls and my parents (awesome! seriously, had a blast with them!) and then broke off into our separate groups. The girls checked into the Embassy Suites downtown to relax/get ready for the night, while the boys went straight to Alamo Drafthouse to see the Batman movie.

My sister decorated the hotel room (complete with "Pin the Macho on the Man" came in handy later on, hahaha) and we had the lingerie shower. Then we went out to several different bars on 6th Street. It was such a blast, we even ended up running back into the boys for some final 2-stepping to end the night. It was definitely a day I will never forget thank you so much to my sisters and my wonderful friends/bridesmaids!

Enjoy the slide show!

This was my bridal shower in The Woodlands! So much fun, thanks Kris!

My Bridal Shower in Lubbock, family time! Thank you Htown!

My ATX shower. Jayne, ludge ya!

The Bride and Groom having a blast on the Party Barge! Kayne sun glasses and hand made coozies.

Little Flowers on the Boat! <3 you ladies!

Told ya my ol' Mom and Pops are a blast!

Everyone enjoying the cool water on a hot summer day!

Man toast.

Me in all my bachelorette glory. Complete with Mr. Macho in the background!

My beautiful Maid of Honor #1

My other beautiful maid of Honor #2

My siblings. <3 y'all!