Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mary is Married!!!!

I would like to start off by saying: CONGRATULATIONS TO MARY AND KEVIN CHIEREK!!!!

What. A. Weekend. 

It happened ladies and gentlemen. 1425 entered into a new stage in our friendship. Marriage. haha Do you like how I said "1425" entered...Kevin (and soon to be), John, and to the other future hubbies...I have to let you in on a little secret. There are no secrets. Haha, jk. (kind of)

We all knew it would happen one day. We would find the loves of our lives and settle down. It just all seemed to start happening...so fast! I know, we are 27 and 28, but that is the new "young adult", right? (you better say right) We (1425, and for those who don't know what in the hell that is...it's our college government housing project # that us 5 besties lived in during college. Yah, you read that right) have always been so close, in part, because we have always all been in about the same stages of life. Which for the past 5 years mainly consisted of single-hood. While some may read that as a "yikes!" we had and are still having the times of our lives!

We have made it a point to get together AT LEAST once per year, mainly being a ski trip to Colorado...thank you Frank and Mama T! But have also been able to share in many other vacations and trips to visit one another. I truly believe that we are so blessed to have one another...how many people can say that they still talk to their best friends from college at least a couple times per month (if not more!) and are able to see each other so often? 

What I believe it so funny about it all is how different we all are! I mean, I would never have imagined such a random group of girls with different hobbies, interests, and personalities being so close...except for one uniting factor: Christ. There is just something about a friendship when it is rooted in Christ: you can TRULY be honest about everything and know that you won't be judged (well at least not to your face, right? KIDDING.) and that you will be truly supported during tough times and praised during times of joy! 

Well, this past weekend, Kevin Chierek married one of the best of 'em. Mary formerly O'Keefe. And I couldn't be more thrilled to welcome Kevin into a lifetime of 1425 festivities, drama, and let's be serious into the nursing home. (bahaha) Kevin, you have found yourself one hell of a woman. And you have all of our love and support as you two start a wonderful life together! 

Don't have a whole lot of pics, I was too busy dancing and enjoying the open bar. Don't judge me. 

At the rehearsal dinner at Maggiano's. Our newest member included!

After we got our herrr and makeup did, in the limo "Going to the chapel to get married"!

Hands down, probs THE most beautiful bride I've ever seen. 

While I am not a fan of how preggo I look in this picture (no, I am not preggo in case you people thought I fell off the chastity train) I love how beautiful the flowers and dresses look! And we are obviously very into Mary and Kevin saying their vows. 

Classy bridesmaid.

At the recep-tionnneee! Such a blast!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another reason I love Austin, TX

There is nothing like spring weather in Central Texas. Sunny and 70s, wildflowers cover the grass, and everyone outside to enjoy it! I love living in Austin, there is so much to do outdoors. One of the things my adventurous mind thought of a couple months ago was to do the Austin Jailbreak. It is a 5k race that involves 16 different obstacles from sliding down a huge water slide to crawling through a field of mud...I know, why would anyone want to do this to themselves? It's actually fun, I promise...I did it last year and had a blast.

Well, about one month ago I started doing a high protein diet and can't really do too much exercising because I don't have carbs to burn...SO, I convinced my sister to take my place. Which was NBD (no big deal, duh) because her crazy a$$ runs marathons all the time, but I also graciously signed up John as well. We have both been super busy and he didn't really start training until about 5 days ago...

Let's just put it this way, after about 2 miles I caught up with them to take an action picture and it was in that moment that I thought: "Hmmm, he probably is really annoyed that I signed him up for this right now"...and once I saw his face, that was confirmed. He didn't talk to me for a solid 5 minutes post race, but after he cleaned off all the mud I asked, "Are you mad at me?" and he quickly replied, "I was.............................................but now I've caught my breath and it actually was kinda fun." Hah. This boy better realize that he is in for a hell of a lot more fun surprises like that if he is going to marry the Rowdy Raines :)

Saturday was topped off taking the suppy logs (yes, I call them that to their faces) to the Red Bud Isle Dog Park...I love going there, it's so beautiful and so do the bitches. Well, I'm off to pack yet another bag....this week it's Springfield, OH. Awesome.

This is before the race, everyone chipper and ready to conquer...

Still pumped. John said (and I quote) "I feel as if I have the energy of 8 red bulls running thru my veins.."

About 0.1 mile into the race

One of the fun obstacles...


And, rrriiiiggghhhhttt about here was when I realized, yah, he's pissed. 

To top it all off....

I shiny and clean as a new penny, wanted to capture the moment

And a beautiful day at the park. Bella NEVER gets in the water...I was so excited to capture them both playing around in Lady Bird Lake. 

Have a great Holy Week Everyone!!!!