Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's a GIRL!!!!

Thought I would pick up where I left off on the blog there with the title, haha. So let's catch ya up real quick.

  1. We moved from Austin to The Woodlands, TX and we bought our first home!!! Note to self: Don't ever move 8 months pregnant ever again.
  2. Rose Catherine McCarthy was born at 11:58am on 7/15/13...don't worry, I'm saving all the juicy birth deets for another time!
  3. Rose is now almost 4 months old and to be honest with you, the first 6 weeks of her life feel like a bad dream where I was tortured without sleep! I mean, don't get me wrong I love the girl but this Mamma does NOT do well without sleep. 
  4. I am now a full time working Mom and time has never gone by so quickly!! I hope to start picking back up on the blog including a revamp on the site! For now, I leave you with pictures...enjoy
Our New Home!

3 Days before I was induced...I call this "Big Bertha"

She's Here!

Rose was born with a micro-cleft lip, we were unaware until she was born. Luckily he gums and palate are not affected! She does have a deviated septum and will have surgery to fix her lip and nose on 12/26.

Our little (aka humungous!) sweet pea! She is consistently measuring in the 90% percentile, that's my girl!