Monday, January 23, 2012

Good Bye to the Good Ol' Days...

OK- so let's be real. I love John with all my heart. And I can't wait to be his little Catholic trophy wife <3 But I'm going to put this out is going to be weird living with a man. Now for some, this is no biggie. I know in the world today it is a perfectly acceptable thing to live with a man before you are married, but it is something that both John and I have agreed should wait until marriage. (cough, cough, among other things, cough)

That being said, before I had a ring on my finger, I couldn't WAIT for the day to live with my husband blissfully ever after. Then, BOOM, you have the ring and allll your dreams are suddenly becoming reality. Like, HOLY-MOLY-YOU-HAVE-10-MONTHS-TO-GET-READY-FOR-THIS-LIFE-LONG-COMMITMENT, reality. It's funny, I mean it isn't like I've had 27 years to prepare for this. I mean, come on, little girls start dreaming about getting/being married in 4th or 5th grade. And there are SO many things I am super excited about. But for some reason, there is one thing I just can't imagine: LIVING WITH A BOYYYY (as Monica put it from "F.R.I.E.N.D.S." when she was off to live with Chandler)

I remember attending a talk given by Kimberly and Scott Hahn @ Steubs...and I always remembered Scott saying how the older you are to get married, the harder the transition into married life would be. Not the lovey dovey part, but the realization that the longer you live on your own, the more set in your ways you both will be. So, coming into a marriage, you have to be prepared and open to changing the way you do things. Ummm, well I am not exactly proud to admit this, but the way I do things is ALWAYS the best and right way. Duh. Why else would I do it the way I do it if it wasn't the most efficient? So yes, that part makes me nervous. But I know prayer and making more room for Christ and less room for ME in our marriage will help me to transition through those changes. 

The one thing that I am not afraid to admit I am sad to leave: The Babysitter's Club. That is what John calls my house. Currently, it consists of 3 other women besides myself: Audrey Jayne Smith (lived with her on and off for over 7 years), Maggie Smith (lived with her on and off for over 3 years), and my sister Kristen (obviously, there's a history there). As much drama as living with 3 girls brings, I love being able to walk in any of their rooms at pretty much any time of the day and vent about any number of topics which I find highly important to discuss. All of which they find important to listen to and discuss with me upon any needed amount of time. Yet, when I discuss any of the topics the Babysitter's Club deems important to my hubs-to-be, I see a thick glazed look cover his eyes and start to get generic one-word responses. I know he means well and he has promised me he will do better...but deep down I know it will never be the same...guess that is why God invented Skype! Yes, I will have my girl time and thoroughly enjoy wine happy hours like never before, but in a sense, it is an end to those single years "living it up" with the girls. 

So here is to the last 9 months of the Babysitter's Club and other great girlie moments, I've included some of my favorite memories over the past several years....which obviously equates to A LOT of pictures, enjoy!

Lady Baron's Basketball. 6am work outs never felt soo good. 

SB06. Where the Embassy Suites happy hour legacy began.

This picture sums up the classic Raines/Jayne relationship. 

Our last attempt at pretending we were in "normal college". Fail. 

Our first 1425 reunion post-Steubenville at the Houston Rodeo. 
The addiction to yearly vacations together begins!

Jayne and I did Mardi Gras in New Orleans 2007. FUN!

Kaitlyn, Jayne, and I threw a 80s themed Halloween party. It was during our post-college, but let's pretend like we are still in college phase. 

The beginning of the yearly Denver ski trip/1425 reunion. Here we are on top of the Continental Divide!

Another themed guessed it, President's Day! I was Jackie O and Jayne was good o'l George. 

One of my favorite vacations, ever. Our trip to Punta Cana! All-inclusive was the best thing ever created.

Jayne and I did our first social with the Catholic 20somethings in Austin. Camping. With people we had never met before. Whhhhyyyy did we think that would be fun? Well, we got a kick out of taking goofy awkward pictures of ourselves, that is for sure. 

My first 5k! The Warrior much fun with my seester. 

Another ski trip to Keystone and Breckenridge. So beautiful!

The nursing home. I miss. 

Halloween in Austin 2010, Popeye and Antione Dodson. Remember him?

One of my favorite events in Austin. St. Padrick's Day. Celebrated about 2 weeks after the ACTUAL St. Padrick's Day on 6th Street. Everyone was LOVING that :)

Another pic from Padrick's...this was on the stage at the Dueling Piano Bar!

Another race we completed on a girl's day out. This one was the JailBreak...I think you can tell how much fun we had by this picture!

Celebrating New Year's with my seester @ Natalie and PTs wedding. Good time. 

That's all for now, stalk me on the FB and you can pretty much see my single life history in tagged photos. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

And we're off!

For a long time, I have thought about creating a blog for several reasons. 
  1.  It's a fun way to document your life and keep people caught up on the everyday. 
  2.  I feel like everyone starts a blog once there are married with a couple kids. Don't worry all you Mommies out there...I'm not hating, I love reading about all your crazy Mom stories. Seriously. I feel like in some weird way, it is preparing me for what to expect someday. In any case, I think it would be fun to have a blog started when I'm single to share those experiences with people. (Because obviously, the life of Rowdy Raines should be shared and thoroughly documented)
  3. Facebook is getting a little creepy. I don't want Mark Zuckerburg to know my every move. At least this FEELS a little more secure. 
So, with that in mind, starts the blog of "It's a Rowdy Life". For most of you that creep me on the FB, you know that I just got engaged this past Christmas to the love of my life, John McCarthy! Before I turned into an old married woman...just kidding babe...I thought I would document my last year of a single lady and the transition into wife-hood/mother-hood (someday). I hope to capture some of my favorite and not-so-favorite moments to look back and laugh at myself. 

So, herrreee weeee gooooo! Posted some important pics from the last year...

Couldn't start my blog without including these two knuckle-heads. Macy (left) is the most scared-y cat-damn-dog-you've-ever-met, but I love her to death. Bella (right) is an attention-dog-whore. No other way to put it. If a thief came into our house while we were gone, she would probably make a new best friend.

February 2011 --- Mary O'Keefe is officially the soon-to-be Mrs. Kevin Chierek! Kevo popped the question at the beginning of our annual 1425 ski trip in Keystone, CO. First 1425er to get engaged!

I love this picture of John and me. It was before we were "officially" dating...our friends decided to celebrate St. Patrick's day round II on a random night on 6th street. We had a blast!

The fam damily at the 10 year Wagner Family Reunion in Grandby, CO!

After the family reunion, we went up to our cabin in Cody, WY for the 4th of July. 
Lizard joined the Raines family for some fun! p.s. We saw 4 bears in Yellowstone National Park! Ahhhh

In August 2011, my Mom and I took the trip of our lives to Europe with the St. Anthony of Padua Youth Group. We visited: Rome, Assisi, and Florence Italy; Nice & Lourdes, France; and ended our trip visiting Zaragoza and Madrid, Spain for World Youth Day!

My beautiful Mother and me in front of St. Peter's!

Here it is folks! The moment I became the future Mrs. 

Here's to a fabulous 2012!!!!