Thursday, February 28, 2013

Am I crazy?!

I just love how everything in life is planned "so perfectly" and then God's plan is "so different" than what you had planned! Ha. I will never learn.

In our dream world of what would happen the first year we were married was this:

  • We would live in our house rental in Kyle, TX (just south of Austin) as happy little newlyweds until our lease was up in July 2013. 
  • After John's school year was over he would start looking for new jobs to either move closer into Austin or in the Houston area.
  • At that point, we would look at moving back to The Woodlands, TX (where I grew up) or into the Austin area depending on where John found a job. 
  • Sometime in the fall of 2013 we would get pregnant and start settling in wherever we ended up and hopefully buying our first home. 
And here is how it has actually gone down:
  • We lived in our rental for approximately 1 month and then found out we were pregnant! 
  • And the baby's due date was conveniently July 21st (the same month as our lease being up)
  • Soooo, what do we freaking do?!
And thus we have come to the place where we are: 19.75 weeks preggo and having no idea what we should do! We have been having a lot of talks the past couple months and coughcoughargumentscough and have finally made a decision. A decision in which I feel will be one I look back on in my life and either think it was one of the best ones we ever made or what were we thinking?! We were crazy!

We have decided to move at the end of John's school year (unless he finds a job sooner) to The Woodlands, which puts me right at 7-8 months preggo. Mmmhmm, in Texas, in the summer, it's going to be soooo much fun. I do have a game plan so that I don't die, but let's be honest, game plans never go according to "plan". 

We are very lucky in that I have a job that I can live wherever I want, so it won't affect anything for me. John  on the other hand is diving into the fun world of job searching, which is always stressful and is probably great timing to go through during the last couple months and birth of your first child! People who know me well are probably assuming that I am freaking out, but I am surprisingly very trusting that this is what God wants us to do (maybe I am learning?!). I know that John will find something, we will find a place to live, and everything will go along happily ever after. So, keep us in your prayers! Oh and if you know of anything in the Houston area job wise...holler at us! 

For now, enjoy my almost 20 week bump. I don't even want to know what I am going to look like at 40 weeks! And for those wondering 1 week from today is our 20 week sono and will keep everyone posted on the BOY or GIRL news!!! 


  1. Audry! you look so beautiful! And yes, you are crazy- but Dan and I are crazy too. when we got married, we moved to Mobile, found out we were pregnant and Dan started a new job in a new city where we only knew a few people! But God provides and life continues to be great! :) Have fun! haha

  2. Cute bump :) It was fun reading your blog to see what you guys are up to down there! I hope everything works out! We miss you guys!

  3. I nominated you for a Liebster award. Do it Please! I bet your answers will be amazing!

  4. Me too Audry! Here's mine!

  5. you look fantastic audrey! i won't spill the boy/girl news i learned of on facebook but CONGRATULATIONS!! so exciting! and i know you've been nominated for a couple of liebsters and you're probably really busy, but i just wanted you to know i tagged you in a five things post -
    all you have to do is write up five random things about yourself if you want. if not, that's okay too! hope you're having a great day!!!