Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Saga of a Traveling Lady

Well, it's back to my life on the road this week. For those who don't know, I work for iKnowMed (an Oncology specific electronic medical record system) within McKesson Specialty Health. Right now, I am still working in implementation but will eventually transition into account management....what that means in layman's terms is that I travel, A LOT. Right now I travel 3 weeks out of each month (sometimes more, sometimes less) and you can pretty much call me the traveling queen, some would say diva. This week it is off to Staten Island, NY to train some nurses. And it is looking like it is going to be COOOLLLD. Awesome.

So this past couple weeks, since I was home-based (that's right, when I'm not traveling I work from home...don't be jealous. No seriously, don't be. If you know anyone who works from home, then you probably get me. I'll save all my funnies about working from home for another post!) I decided to tackle my next large get-ready-for-the-wedding task, which was......REGISTERING FOR GIFTS!
So, I have to start off by saying I have both pros and cons to this ridiculously harder than you think it is going to be task. So I'll start off with the negative and end with the positive. Always the best way to go.

Things that are annoying about registering for wedding gifts:
1. You feel like a total A-hole for picking out the nice stuff. I feel like I am saying, hello, thank you for supporting my marriage. Go ahead and drop some G's on us. Just saying, it feels a little uncomfortable.
2. If you are like me and research EVVVEEERRRYYYTTTHIIIINNNGGG to a T, it is soooo time consuming. I can't just pick out "pots", I have to research the best pot for your money. Let's just say I spent a lot of time online reading consumer reviews the past week.

OK, it wasn't that many negative...but those two are big!

Things that are awesome about registering for wedding gifts:
1. Contrary to my #1 for negative things, you DO get to pick out the nice stuff that my cheap ass would never normally want to dish out the dough for. haha
2. I have NEVER been more excited to be a domestic diva. Can't wait to cook my man some seriously delicious homemade meals and bake fun little holiday treats for his high school kidos.
3. I can't wait to decorate our home that we are going to have together. This could be a pro and a con for me because I will probably change my mind a million times on what color schemes I want to go with on things before our wedding...planning SO far in advance.
4. John and I had our first little tiff as an engaged couple, actually, I think since we have been together and we resolved it like veteran pros!  Because I can look back and laugh on it, I will go ahead and share the story with the class:

So, John obviously isn't as interested in all of the registry stuff. There are a few select items he wanted to pick: barware, grill, TV, Blu Ray, anddd I think that may be it? Anyway, so this was great for me because that meant everything else I could just pick what I wanted. Ahhh, sounds like I shouldn't be complaining, right? Well, I spent HOURS...seriously, hours, picking out all of these things that we are going to have in our home. So, when I want to tell John all about everything I picked he seemed like it was no-big-deal. Well, my feelings were hurt. I mean I didn't expect him to scream like a school girl when I told him the pots and pans I went with were Tri-ply stainless steel and next to All-Clad are the best you can have (duh), but I DID want him to acknowledge that I spent all this time picking this stuff out and be excited about how I will be cooking some pretty amazing dinner for him on those pans!

Needless to say, there was another emotional contributing factor that was contributing to my emotions that day, but that did not matter at the time. I was upset. John immediately felt awful after I cried and told him how much he just hurt my feelings. He apologized and told me sweet things for the rest of the phone call. (I know, he's so sweet!). And when I woke up the next morning, I had an email from him titled: Things We Need. It had about 10 links from our registry site of items he thought we should have. I clicked on the first link from my phone and it opened up a University of Michigan bed-set. I BURST out laughing, got on my computer and looked at the rest of the links. They included: a kegorater, beer glasses, a personal massager, and other man items. HAHA. I was laughing so hard, there was no way I could be mad any longer :)

Since then, anytime I say ANYTHING about registry stuff he makes sure he is excited. Last night I was talking to Sarah and Jayne about something and he turned around to them and said, "I want you guys to know, I am SO EXCITED about all of this registry stuff. Just want to make sure EVERYONE (looking at me) knows it!" hahaha. Heart that boy.

Well folks, I'm off to the airport to probably get my rights violated thru security. Have a good one! Annddd, in case you were wondering, these were the pots and pans I went with. I know you wanted to know.


  1. Audry, love your blog! So glad you joined the "blogoshpere" (I hate that word) Keep on posting, I love reading!

    1. Thanks Ana! Hope y'all are doing well!!!

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