Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First Family Vay-Cay

Back when we were relishing in the newborn glory phase (aka sleep deprivation had not yet set in), John and I decided we should plan our first family vacation for a WHOLE WEEK. Don't get me wrong, it was a blast, but we pretty much decided we won't be taking any whole week family vacations with little ones for a whilllle.

Rose did awesome on her first 2 flights to get us into Pittsburgh, she fussed slightly on the way down due to ear pressure but I nursed/pacifiered her and she settled down. We were feeling like very accomplished parents. We drove into Steubenville, OH where we stayed for a few days to visit my sister Helen. She is playing basketball up at Franciscan (following her older, awesome sister coughcoughMEcough) and is graduating in May so I wanted to see her play. Plus John had never been to good ol' Steubs before so obviously that had to happen.

And of course, gi-gan-tor winter storm made a nice visit during our stay, so Rose got to be in her first snow storm! We also took a day trip into Pittsburgh which was a lot of fun. Here are a few family highlights:

Franny Bookstore dress up!

Roughly 20-some odd-degrees. Franciscan is so beautiful in the snow!

The ONLY thing that is cute about being in cold weather with a baby: Bundled up babies!

Kelly Hermann my old bball couch @ Steubs.

25, Hellllleeennnn Raaaaiiinnnesssss

We were pretty proud of our creative signs! 

Can't handle the cuteness.

In Pittsburgh eating some Primanti Bros!

I look at this picture just about every day on my phone. To die.

Rose's first time meeting Santa! He was the sweetest Santa I've ever met! He adored Rose, I had to finally take her away because the line was starting to give us bad looks! 

She just stared and smiled at him the whole time he was talking to her. 

Then we made our way up through Ohio on my 29th birthday (YIKES) and had a pit-stop lunch to see the Smith family! They got to meet Rose, gave us some adorable outfits for her and yummy buckeyes (John wasn't too happy) to me for my birthday!

I luh da Smifs.

We also stopped in Ann Arbor, MI to see John's Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin's (The Voss Family) but sadly I didn't take any pictures :(

We spent the rest of our week in Marine City, MI visiting John's family: Grandma and Grandpa McCarthy, Uncle Joey, Great Aunt Marilynn, Great Aunt Gwen, and Great Uncle John. Pretty much the highlight of my week was getting to see Rose in her much anticipated Turkey Hat and making her dance to "Wobble" by V.I.C. a la her "Gobble til you Wobble" outfit. Hahah. BEST MOM AWARD RIGHT HERE.

We also celebrated Joey's 32nd bday and had a blast relaxing with family. Here are some other great pics:

She was excited about it as much as her Mama! 

Daddy and his Turkey!

Aunt Htown. Her favorite.

Celebrating Uncle Joey's b-day!

Worst part about the trip: Rose was teething! At 4 months. Mama no likey teething! But now she does have some pretty cute pearly whites on the bottom. This may be the cutest picture I have of her to date:
Hard to tell but you can see those little white chompers if you look close! 

You don't have to tell me, I KNOW I have the cutest girl God ever made. Have a great week!

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